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I'm a freelance web designer, database developer and programmer with 7 years experience working on web sites and design projects for a wide range of clients.

I am currently based in London, United Kingdom specializing in projects for arts based clients: photographers, artists, musicians and illustrators. I'm also happy to work with individuals, small businesses and large companies to design company identities, design and build a web presence, help to maintain and update the content and assist with digital work-flows.

I also specialize in presenting large archives of moving footage and still photography online. I designed and implemented the internal cataloguing database for the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum’s film and photography archives. I was also involved with devising the digitization workflow for 8mm & 16mm cine film and still photographs.

I value good traditional design principles and offer a high level of creativity balanced with an in-depth technical knowledge an a good understanding of business needs, marketing and accessibility.

If you wish to discuss a project, ask me any questions or just comment on my work then please send me an email via my contacts page.

web design

Experienced with flash, database driven sites, content management systems, photography, search engine optimization and marketing, I can offer help with every stage of your project.

See my services page for more details of the skills I can offer.

my web design portfolio contains examples of my recent projects.


code development & databases

I'm also experienced with designing and writing code in various languages:, c, visual basic, actionscript, javascript, PHP…

I have a good understanding of database principles and can help with developing complex database systems and publishing these online.

My development page contains examples of my work.


I've been using photoshop professionally for several years now. I work with Adobe Photoshop nearly every day for retouching, photography and graphic design. I now do all my own "darkroom" work in Photoshop, taking a scan of the original negative and cleaning and adjusting the image ready for a digital print to be made.

I also use Photoshop for restoring archive prints for the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum.

My Photoshop page shows some of my work.


My photography is mostly for my own enjoyment. I love producing fine art black and white landscape shots and experimenting with traditional photography and digital processing.

My commercial work has been used professionally for Marketing and PR campaigns and has appeared in the local press in bristol.

My photography portfolio contains examples of my work.

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